Respironics BiPAP Plus

This product is no longer AVAILABLE; this is only a reference page.

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Combines a host of features from our established OSA therapy products. It's a small, lightweight and quiet system that features integrated humidification, making it even easier for patients to comply with therapy. Bi PAP Plus integrates with the REMstar heated humidifier, making it as easy for you to stock as it is for patients to use.

This is a bilevel machine which differs from a CPAP in that it switches back and forth between two pressure levels, one higher and one lower, rather than providing one continuous pressure level. The pressure upon inhalation is higher to hold the airway open, but as the user exhales, the pressure drops to a preset lower level. A bilevel machine responds well to people with very high CPAP pressure needs, weak chest wall muscles, lung disease or other health problems that keep them from being able to exhale against a CPAP pressure.

Features | BiPAP Plus

  • Integrated heated humidification
  • Lighted controls
  • Adjustable Rise Time feature
  • Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity
  • Smaller, light weight quiet

Specifications| BiPAP Plus

Mode of Operation Bi-level Spontaneous
Pressure Range IPAP: 4 cm H20 to 20 cm H2O
EPAP: 4 cm H2O to 20 cm H2O
Starting Ramp Pressure 4 cm H2O to EPAP level
Ramp Time 0 to 45 minutes (5-minute increments)
Ramp Activation Unlimited number of ramps per night
Dimensions 9.45" (l) x 6.69" (w) x 4.72" (h)
24 cm (l) x 17 cm (w) x 12 cm (h)
Weight <4 lbs. (1.8 kg)
Filters Reusable Pollen and optional Ultra-fine
Device Set-up On-board keypad
Data Storage Capacity True compliance meter
Data Storage Content Breathing detection; sessions < 4 hours
True Compliance Meter Therapy hours
Altitude Compensation Automatic
Electrical Requirements 100 - 240 VAC, 12 VDC
DC Power Direct-connect cord
Warranty 2 years
Misc. Integrated heated humidification, lighted keys on pad, automatic on/off, mask off alert

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