Nonin Pulsesense Portable Oximeter with Puresat Technology

PulseSense™ is a portable oximeter equipped with NONIN PureSAT SpO 2 technology. This monitor can be used in a variety of clinical applications, including spot-checking or continuous monitoring where alarms are required. The 12-hour lithium ion rechargeable battery makes the PulseSense ideal for use in hospitals, medical facilities, post-operative care, patient transport and emergency medical services (EMS).

Nonin Pulsesense Portable Oximeter Features:

  • Widescreen™ touch panel display
  • NONIN PureSAT SpO2 technology
  • Numerical pulse rate display
  • Numerical and plethysmograph SpO2 displays
  • Backlit LCD display
  • 1.5 hours of SpO2 and pulse rate waveform trending
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Data output via RS-232 port

Nonin Pulsesense Portable OximeterOptions:

  • Full line of infant to adult SpO2 sensors (reusable and disposable)
  • Carrying case
  • Adjustable mounting clamp
  • Printer/PC interface cable

Power Data
Battery charger:
Power consumption:


120 VAC, 60 Hz for USA / Canada
3.6 W at battery operation
12 W with battery charger

12 VDC, 800mA
Physical Data


200 (W) x 135 (H) x 50 (D) mm
(7.9 x 5.3 x 2 inches)
800 grams (1.8 lbs)
Working temperature:
Atmospheric pressure:

0° to +40°C (32° to 104°F)
10 – 95% (non-condensing)
860 – 1060 hPa
Storage temperature:
Atmospheric pressure:

-20° to +50°C (-4° to +122°F)
10 – 90% (non-condensing)
up to 4 atmospheres (110 - 4050 hPa)
Battery Data
Battery capacity:
Charging time:

Lithium Ion internal battery, rechargeable
12 hours approximately
17 hours from empty to full
Pulse Oximeter Specifications
Displayed Oxygen Saturation Range (SpO2) Displayed Pulse Rate Range
Measurement Wavelengths***
Using NONIN PureLight® Sensors
Saturation Accuracy (Arms)**

0 to 100%
18 to 255 beats per minute (BPM)
Red: 660 nanometers @ 0.8 mW maximum average
Infrared: 910 nanometers @ 1.2 mW maximum average
70 - 100%
Sensor Specifications
Reusable Finger Clip (8000AA-2)
Adult / Pediatric
Low Perfusion Pulse Rate (40-240 BPM)
Adult / Pediatric

± 2 digits*

± 3 digits*
Specifications are subject to change without notice
*Specifications based on 8000AA PureLight® finger clip sensor
**±1 Arms represents approximately 68% of measurements
***This information is especially useful for clinicians performing photodynamic therapy

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